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You might be looking for peace of mind by keeping your expensive equipment, materials or that invaluable intellectual property safer. We offer safety & security films ranging from 7mm to 21mm fortified with a thick bead of silicone sealant. Our safety & security films will make your windows almost impenetrable, deterring burglaries or extreme weather conditions. Even though you can get an alarm system, it doesn’t stop criminals from breaking in and getting away before the authorities arrive. Benefits include:

  • Deter burglary
  • Fortify windows against extreme weather
  • Make window almost impenetrable
  • Holds shattered glass together
  • Provide peace of mind knowing you’re safe
  • Protection against bomb blasts
  • 99% UV protection

All of our window films are sure to enrich your workplace atmosphere! From saving money on your electric bill to adding a touch of elegance, all installations are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We like to say, “Second best in not good enough” because we truly strive to give our customers the best in every aspect of our product and service delivery.