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When the sun shines down on a window with solar tint on it, the window film does a few things. It reflects, absorbs, and filters certain wavelengths. This greatly reduces heat gain, blocks 99% UV rays, and improves appearance and comfort.

It depends. Solar film and other films that are not ‘safety’ specific will have limited protection against breaking. If you get safety film installed, it will strengthen your glass greatly. The window can still break if enough force is applied, but a window with a good safety film installed can withstand a fastball thrown by a major league pitcher – no problem. In this case, the glass would still break due to the force of the baseball, but the window would still be in place, and all the little pieces of glass would be held together by the film.

We install our window films with cleanest methods possible to ensure the best installations. To install window film, first the glass must be prepared by proper cleaning. After the window is spotless, the film is applied with a mounting solution with water. The film is trimmed and squeegeed out, and the edges are thoroughly dried to prevent any kind of bubbling.

Absolutely! The procedure is basically the same for tinting skylights, but it’s a little more involved in most situations because you’re working against gravity and sometimes special equipment is required depending on how high the skylights are from the ground. The best route to go here is to use an extra durable exterior film designed for skylights. This will provide the best possible performance and give you the best warranty as interior films have a greatly reduced warranty when not installed on vertical glass surfaces.

Window tinting is not a trade that can be learned overnight. If you want a professional job – hire a pro. Another thing to consider is the fact that you need to make sure you are using the correct window film for your windows. There are certain types of window film that could cause problems such as glass breakage or seal failure. In order to avoid these situations, it is best to consult a professional.

Decorative films can be applied to glass in many different scenarios to improve aesthetics and add sophistication. Decorative films include frost, gradients, patterns, and textures.

This is very important. No ammonia products can be used after window film has been installed. We recommend Sprayway Glass Cleaner, or another ammonia-free foaming glass cleaner. Make sure to use a cleaning cloth with soft fabric also!

Our window films are made to be scratch resistant. They come with a protective coating that is applied to the exterior surface of the window film. This does not mean that they don’t scratch though. Our films are designed to withstand a limited amount of abrasion prior to scratching, but this protection should not be abused.

The life of your window film will be dependent upon a number of factors:  the type of film you choose, how much direct sunlight the film is exposed to, and the type of windows the film is applied to. Typically our residential window films come with a lifetime warranty. Most of our commercial window films come with a 10 to 15 year warranty.

The best time to install window film is when the environment is the cleanest. This is because there can be dust particles in the air that can get in the film if the conditions are not clean enough. With new construction, the best time to install window film is towards the very end of the project.

Solar tint has many benefits! Some of these include:  blocking heat, saving money on electricity, blocking harmful UV rays, preservation of furniture, carpet, upholstery, and other items, adding privacy if desired, and creating a more consistent interior temperature by eliminating hot spots.

Safety film fortifies the glass, making it much more difficult to be broken by burglars, extreme weather, and bomb blasts. It also holds shattered glass together, protecting you from sharp pieces.

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