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Skylight Window Films provides commercial and residential window safety films in the Greater Houston area and far beyond.

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Are you looking for security window film? Our company can offer the best products in the business to help protect your company’s pricey equipment, materials, and Intellectual Property (IP).  One option is an alarm system, but the problem is it basically just buys you time until the local authorities arrive. That’s why you should consider our company’s safety window film. It ranges from 7mm to 21mm and is fortified with silicone sealant. This helps to protect extra protection for your home or office. In fact, our security films are so strong that it’s nearly impossible for potential thieves to break thru them.

Our safety and security window film not only helps to protect your windows from burglary but also extreme weather like tornados and hurricanes. When there are heavy winds swirling around your home or office you’ll certainly want your windows to be as secure as possible. Our product can help to achieve that goal. The window films also provide other key benefits including reducing your heating/cooling bills and adding some extra style. Our high-end products can offer you the following benefits:

  • Deter burglaries
  • Safeguard against bomb blasts
  • Protect from extreme weather
  • Keep shattered glass intact
  • 99% UVA/UVB protection
Residential Windows film Houston TX

Best Safety & Security Film Window Houston

Residential Service

Are you interesting in having residential safety window film installed at your home? Our products can help to protect your home from burglars and severe weather. Our film can even help to safeguard your windows from bomb blasts. You can also pick tinted films that will help to filter out heat and ultra-violet rays. You can lower your electric bills by having our film installed on your home’s windows.

If you want more privacy our decorative/solar options can help to provide more privacy. Finally, our window film can also add some extra style and class to your home, which can boost the curbside value. These are all fantastic reasons to consider having our products installed on your home’s windows.

Commercial Service

Do you own or operate a business? If so then you’ll definitely want to make sure your equipment and materials are protected. Our commercial safety window film can help! A company can be a big investment and it’s something your owners will want to protect. You can install an alarm system but that only solves part of the problem.

You’ll also want to delay potential thieves from entering your home before the authorities arrive. That’s why you should consider our window film. It can help to protect your company’s assets like equipment, furniture, and documents from burglars and severe weather. Other key benefits are our decorative film can help to add more privacy to certain rooms in your office, while the tinted film can help to keep out heat and 99% of UV rays.

Why should you consider our company for security window film? There are many reasons starting with our company’s dedication to excellence. Our goal is to make your home or office windows as safe and secure as possible from different threats like thieves, hurricanes, and bombs.

It all starts with top-notch safety window film that will help to maximize the effectiveness of our products. However, it doesn’t stop there. We also want to provide the best customer service possible by meeting the needs of each and every customer. We truly believe that “your satisfaction is our success.”
We hope to satisfy our customers by providing them quality and individualized service. That’s because the needs are different for each customer.

Our company also offers a free, no-obligation price quote. This will give you an estimate of the cost of having our high-quality window film installed at your home or office.

If you’re looking for safety and security window film our company has you covered. We offer high-quality products that can help protect your windows from burglary, extreme weather, and even UV rays. We even guarantee that each and every installation we do provides 100% customer satisfaction. We believe that second-best isn’t good enough and want to provide you with the best products and service.









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