Safety and Energy Efficient Window Film Solutions for Your Commercial Building, Store or Office

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Safety and Energy, window film makes your house safer, extra protected as well as saves energy. Business structures derive excellent gain from having actually window film mounted.

Safety and Security Window Films

Safety and Security window films provide an easy, affordable, and effective way to improve the safety of your building’s glass.  These specialized window films reduce the risk of death, personal injury, and property damage resulting from explosions, crime, and natural disasters.  Security window films are used for:

  • Protection from explosions and act of terror – Security window films were designed and developed to hold glass together under extreme conditions, preventing injury and damage from flying glass and debris.
  • Prevention of Burglary and “Smash and Grab” crimes – Tough and resilient, security window films provide effective deterrence against burglaries, “smash and grab’s” and other property crimes.

Available in both clear safety and tinted solar control versions, our safety and security films will protect your building or office from the nasty things that can happen.  For more information on our safety films or for a no obligation quote, please contact Skylight Window Films.

Solar Control Window Film

Solar control window films save energy and money by reducing the solar energy entering your building through the glass.  Less expensive than new glass, solar control window films offer an impressive return-on-investment for your energy efficiency dollar.

Solar Control Window Film saves energy and reduces building operating costs.  How much energy can window film save?  Think about it, if you have 1000 feet of glass that are the equivalent of 10 tons of air conditioning, and that’s a lot of energy saved.

Reduces glare and improves employee productivity.  Glare is a function of light, and choosing the right window film can massively reduce the glare affecting your tenants.

Pentagon Protection specializes in the installation of window film on commercial buildings, offices, and stores.  For more information or to obtain a no obligation quote contact Skylight Window Films.

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